XCN15/16/17 series electrical and gas valve locator

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XCN15/16/17 series electrical and gas valve locator

1, Relay, large capacity, small gas consumption, good stability, high sensitivity;
2, High precision electromagnetic component;
3, Adjustment and maintenance can be in the working status directly;
4, Magnet using high energy storage product of rare earth materials, the current through the elastic element input, need not lead;
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First, Product Overview
XCN15/16/17 series electric - gas valve locator and regulator, the regulator output  signals converted to drive the regulator gas signal, at the same time, according to the  control valve opening position feedback, make the adjustment correctly positioned, it  points, single and double effect in two forms.

Second, Technical Data

Input signalStandard 4-20mA DC,Split-ranging 4-12mA DC,12-20mA DC10-50mA DC
Input impedance250Ω( 4-20mA DC),100Ω(10-50mA DC)
Gas supply pressureSingle-acting 0.14-0.16MPa:0.17-0.5MPa; Double-acting 0.2-0.4MPa:0.41 -0.7MPa
Rated strokeStraight travel 10-100mm,Around the corner 0-90°
Electrical interfaceNPT1/2(M22×1.5)
Air supply connectionRc1/4
Environment temperatureExplosion-proof type -20-+60℃; Ordinary type -40-+80℃
Relative humidity≤90%
Hysteresis error1%
Dead band0.4%
Protection gradeIP65
Explosion-proof gradeEx iaⅡCT6 Gb; Ex dⅡCT6 Gb

Third, Model Specification

XCN-   0     0     0     0 

ModelAction typeExplosion-proof grade
(protection) structure
Feedback (action)
Choose accessories
XCN 1 Single-acting 5  Flameproof type
Ex dⅡCT6 Gb
 1  Straight travel 1 
 2 Double-acting
 6  Intrinsic safety type
Ex iaⅡCT6 Gb
 2  Quarter-turn
(with RC actuator)
 2 + PTM (built-in valve
position feedback)
  7  Ordinary type  

When ordering please specify:

1, Type
2, The input signal
3, Gas supply pressure
4, Output signal
5, With pressure reducer
7, Explosion-proof grade
8, If the takeover pneumatic φ8 when specified, please