IP8000 / IP8100 type electrical and gas valve locator

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IP8000 / IP8100 type electrical and gas valve locator

1, Within 5 ~ 200Hz no resonance phenomenon.
2, Positive action and reaction, easy to convert between of single and double action.
3, For small actuators can through narrowing the locator throttling to prevent vibration.
4, Less air consumption, the economy is good.
5, There is no replacement parts can be achieved within the scope of 1/2 points and process control.
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First, Product Overview
IP8000 type electrical and gas valve locator and actuator, in the controller or  control system for 4-20 mA. DC current signal, converts air pressure, to  match with them set of pneumatic actuators, thus to control the position of  the valve.

Second, Technical Data

Intrinsic error±1%(single-acting);±2%(double-acting)
Hysteresis error1%(single-acting);2%(double-acting)
Dead band0.4%(single-acting);0.8%(double-acting)
Rated travel0~ (10~100) mm  [Quarter-turn (corner)0~(50°~90°)]
Air pressure0.14~0.7MPa
Input signal4~20mA.DC(Conventional);0~10mA.DC,4~12mA.DC,12~20mA.DC,0~5mA.DC,5~10mA.DC
Output pressure0.02~0.5MPa
Air consumptionSingle-acting actuator:5L/min(Gas supply0.14MPa); Double-acting actuators:11L/min(Gas supply0.7MPa)
Output characteristicLinear
Environment temperature(Normal temperature type)-20℃~+70℃
Relative humidity5% ~100%
Explosion-proof type(grade)Flameproof type(Ex dⅡBT6 Gb)
Intrinsically safe type(Ex iaⅡCT6 Gb)
Input impedance4~ 20mA.DC/240±10Ω( 20℃ Time);0~ 10mA.DC/950±30Ω( 20℃时 Time);
4~ 20mA intrinsic safety type
Air supply connectionZG1/4(Conventional)、NPT1/4
Power interfaceG1/2(Conventional)、NPT1/2
Shape materialAluminum alloy spraying process
Overall dimensions218 ×162×100(mm)Straight travel; 251×162×100(mm)Quarter-turn (length×width×height)
Weightabout 2.4kg(No terminal block); 2.6kg(A terminal block)

Third, Model Specification

IP8    0     0     0 

ModelOutput scheduleFunction typeExplosion-proof type
IP8 000 Linear 01   Single acting d   Ex dⅡBT6 Gb
 100 Angular travel 02 Double acting i    Ex iaⅡCT6 Gb
   n Not explosion-proof