The situation of oil and gas exploration and development in China in the past decade

Column:Industry trends Time:2022-10-28
Energy is the cornerstone of economic development. Over the past decade,

Energy is the cornerstone of economic development. Over the past decade, China's ability to independently guarantee energy has significantly improved, and the world's largest clean power generation system has been built. The energy structure has been continuously optimized, effectively ensuring the stable operation of the national economy.

Changqing Oilfield, the largest oil and gas field in China, is stepping up production. Since this year, Changqing Oilfield has increased its natural gas production by 10 million cubic meters per day on the basis of the highest daily gas supply last year. This is the largest natural gas production base in China, with an annual gas output of about 1/4 of the country.

It is understood that Changqing Oilfield has organized the largest natural gas production capacity construction in history, with the newly built capacity exceeding 11 billion cubic meters, which will drive the natural gas production of Changqing Oilfield in 2022 to a new historical record of 50 billion cubic meters.

In the past decade, China's oil and gas exploration and development situation has been generally good. In Shunbei Oil and Gas Field in Tarim Basin, major breakthroughs have been made in oil and gas exploration and development recently. At present, four hundred million ton oil and gas areas have been implemented, and 17 thousand ton wells with an average vertical depth of more than 8000 meters have been drilled.

The data shows that since 2019, domestic crude oil production has continued to increase for three consecutive years to 199 million tons, and natural gas production has maintained an annual increase of more than 10 billion cubic meters, rapidly increasing to 207.6 billion cubic meters. Over the past decade, China's energy structure has been steadily optimized. In September 2019, the ± 1100kV UHV transmission project from Xinjiang Zhundong to Southern Anhui was officially put into operation. This super power transmission project with the highest voltage level in the world at present continuously transmits the power from Xinjiang Clean Energy Base to East China.

Up to now, 34 AC/DC ultra-high voltage lines have been built in China, and the power transmission scale is more than twice that of ten years ago. Since 2012, the cumulative grid connected installed capacity of wind power in China has increased by more than 4 times, the installed capacity of solar power has increased by nearly 90 times, and the proportion of new energy in installed power has also increased by nearly 4 times to 26.7%. China has established a diversified and clean energy supply system, and its comprehensive energy production capacity has been significantly enhanced.