Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Developing Industrial Internet Platform to Create an Upgraded Version of Manufacturing Industry

Column:Company news Time:2018-06-30
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Developing Industrial Internet Platform to Create an Upgraded Version of Manufacturing Industry

People's Daily, Beijing, June 22nd (Zhang Xiaohe) This morning, the reporter was informed at the national manufacturing "double creation" video teleconference held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that in order to vigorously develop the industrial Internet platform and build the "double-creation" ecology of the manufacturing industry, In the first phase, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on optimizing the business environment, deepening the integration of production, strengthening the support of talents, etc., and making every effort to build an upgraded version of the “double-creation” manufacturing industry.

Promoting popular entrepreneurship and innovation is a major measure for implementing innovation-driven strategies. It is also an important step in advancing the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence to achieve high-quality manufacturing. Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out in his speech that in recent years, with the concerted efforts of various departments and localities, the manufacturing industry “Double Creation” adhered to the “build platform” and “use platform” two-wheel drive, constantly improved the policy system, and accelerated the promotion of the platform. Construction has led to increasingly prominent effects, sustained improvement in support capacity, continuous optimization of public services, and achieved initial results.

The relevant results have been effectively demonstrated on the data side. Up to now, the penetration rate of the “Double Innovation” platform for key enterprises in the manufacturing industry has reached 71.5%. The central enterprises have built 121 Internet “double-invented” platforms, providing innovation and entrepreneurship services for over 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises. The "Double Innovations" platform is becoming the core carrier for high technology, resource coordination, and supply and demand linkages for joint technological research and talent cultivation. It has strongly promoted the innovation and development of the development model of the manufacturing industry, and played an important role in promoting the high quality development of the manufacturing industry. effect.

However, the problem of initial development still exists. Wang Xinzhe stated that manufacturing is the main body of the real economy and the main battleground of technological innovation. It should be clearly understood that the “double-creation” work of the manufacturing industry is still at the initial stage of the trial, the implementation of policy measures is not in place, the service level of the platform is not high, and technical support Weak capacity, insufficient development of large, medium, small and micro-enterprises, and imperfect industrial ecology are still outstanding.
Wang Xinzhe stressed that it is necessary to accurately grasp the new mission and new requirements for the "double innovation" of the manufacturing industry in the new era, thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the "double innovation" of the Party Central Committee, focus on optimizing the camp environment, eliminate the "double innovation" barriers, and deepen the integration of industry and finance. Cooperation, strengthen the effectiveness of "double innovation"; strengthen the support of talents, stimulate the vitality of "double innovation", promote the development of "double innovation" in the manufacturing industry, and promote the transformation of China's manufacturing industry from the main driving force of economic growth to the basis of technological innovation. From the accumulation of quantity to the qualitative leap, from the breakthrough of points to the improvement of system capabilities.

In terms of specific deployment, Wang Xinzhe pointed out that the company will try its best to build an upgraded version of the “dual creation” of the manufacturing industry and promote the fundamental transformation of the manufacturing industry model and enterprise form. First, we must strengthen overall coordination, speed up the improvement of the manufacturing industry's "double innovation" promotion mechanism; second, we must adhere to platform guidance and promote the development of large, medium and small enterprises; third, we must strengthen integration and innovation, accelerate the development of industrial Internet; fourth, lay a solid foundation for development. To enhance the technical support capacity; the fifth is to deepen open cooperation and create a new pattern of "double innovation" development.

When summarizing the speech, Xie Shaofeng, Director of the Informatization and Software Services Division, stated that it is necessary to transform and upgrade traditional industries with new technologies, new formats, and new models, and to activate new production methods with new initiatives, new mechanisms, and new ecology to promote large-, medium-, and small-scale micro-enterprises. The integration of financial development, to create manufacturing "double creation" upgrade.